Saturday, June 16, 2012

Wired Communication Media

wired communication
Due to wired communication, millions of people all over the world can ride the information highway with high-speed. Internet as a pure medium for provision of information has advanced to a communication medium between diverse devices and systems.
The availability of an internet access at any time and any place enables the usability of the internet in numerous consumer and producer goods. Even complex systems can be controlled, observed, configured and serviced.
In order to ensure the smooth interaction of the various communication requirements, elaborate net access techniques are necessary. That implies the provision of the essential infrastructure in the field of software and hardware.
We make your devices network-compatible by realizing the local and global networking of different devices - local or over the internet.
As a result of our experienced research and consulting, we offer you solutions in the field of:
  • Net access
  • Heterogeneous networks
  • Network management
  • Embedded internet
  • Java based software for embedded systems

Computer Communication

No market segment experiences innovation cycles as short as that of the peripheral area of PCs. A wide variety of communication protocols are being used around the computer, making it possible for computers to communicate with each other and with different peripheral units.
Requirements for these networks are immense as increasing amounts of digitized voice and data need to be transmitted over long distances and across the systems of different providers. Furthermore, the number of multimedia services is on the rise: fast internet accesses, video-on-demand or multi-channel video, multi player games as well as TV, data and voice services.
All these applications are channeled through the same networks simultaneously, reaching the individual user through a single set-top-box, and having to be distributed efficiently within a house or apartment. Only then is it possible to access a variety of services simultaneously.
The widespread access to the internet not only increases the desire to use higher transmission rates, but also the exchange of multimedia data in real-time using worldwide distributed applications.

In particular, our computer communication know-how covers the areas of:

  • Ethernet (10-Base-T, 100-Base-T, 1000-Base-T)
  • FireWire (also referred to as IEEE 1394)
  • USB (Universal Serial Bus)
  • IrDA (Infrared Data Association)

Network Access

Network access - often referred to as "the last mile" - builds the briidge between provider and user by different data transmission technologies.
Well-established data transmission techniques are usage of analog-to-digital modems, ISDN or xDSL-access. For the actual application, the technical implementation of these technologies is not as important as the appropriate usage.

We plan and realize network access via:

  • ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network)
  • Analog-to-digital modem
  • xDSL - transmission procedure (Digital Subscriber Line)
  • Powerline (data transmission via low voltage and mains power supply)
  • Cable TV (data transmission via broadband cable of cable TV)
  • Satellite communication

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